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To enjoy the westcoast lifestyle, no stress, but only chillaxing with friends! Going on great roadtrips, drinking great beer(PBR ;), floating rivers!
everybody floating on the river
Kevin: Wooo westcoasting!!!!
by Nkhdtzdl September 29, 2011
Verb to describe everything related to being cool.
Yo bra look at me, I'm westcoasting da shizzle
by Big Dimitri September 26, 2011
A way of coiling cords (like mic cords, audio, speaker cable) without putting kinks in the wire's insulation and preventing the cord from twisiting and knotting. It is done by creating a loop by drawing in the cable and then creating another loop by flipping your hand to pull in the cable from underneath every other time. It was developed by West Coast union workers who wanted more time on the job.

In theater, west coasting refers to bundling up a cloth or backdrop and tying it to a flying bar so that it can be flown out of sight. (especially in theaters with a low height)

West coasting can also be doing something, travelling, or or copping a west coast feel.
Weve go hum originating in the speaker cord cuz your tech doesn't west coast the cable.

Don't cut the backdrop, we'll west coast it so we can use it again at the next theater on the tour.

The West Chester boy was west coasting all day by thumpin 2Pac in his hybrid suv.
by Luke D. Lorenz December 09, 2006

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