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Beyond just a strange situation. This is where you itch your head and get the fuck out of there. Weird shit is something that occurs that can't be fully understood why and how it happened. It should be left alone in most cases.

You do NOT want to be around weird shit when it happens. If you want to take a look at some weird shit, then do it from a large distance away from the weird shit.
The man approaches the dancing Polar Bear wearing a cowboy outfit out in the desert.
The man was later found next to a cactus raped by the polar bear.
This is why you get the fuck out when you see weird shit.
by Deti October 07, 2009
1.(adj) Used to describe something that is unusually strange, or peculiar.

2.(noun) Something clearly not normal.

3.(verb) To dispense this sort of weirdness.
1. That was a weirdshit idea.

2. This weirdshit dazes and confuses me.

3. Why do you weirdshit like it ain't no thang?
by Scott and Melorah September 16, 2006
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