A slang nick name for Jewish people.
Whats'up guys, this is my weesh friend Jacob.
by Racano April 08, 2009
Top Definition
Weak. Deserving of disdain or disgust.
Dude, no matter what he does, that guys tricked out pinto will always be weesh.
by RAKKIR November 26, 2004
a combination of wee and woosh
When the roller coaster went over the first drop I was like weesh.
by RavenX92 July 19, 2004
The combination of marijuana and hashish (flavored molasses tabacco used with hookah). Weed and the slang term "Sheesh" derive the term weesh.

Weesh is the best way to get a good bake on, while maintaining the ability to "blow perfect smoke rings" or "O's, as weeshers would call it.


Weeshed - the state of being completely phased by the tobacco-weed combination where one is in a state of pure bliss.
My friends and I ripped that weesh all night long.

Holy shit I am so fucking weeshed.
by jimbobean12345 November 02, 2012
An annoying nosey person who asks pointless questions over and over again. A weesh will not leave you alone. If you get trapped hanging out with a weesh you can never get rid of him. A weesh will also rob or burn you. Another characteristic of a weesh is a person who makes a deal with you than changes the deal to benefit him once you do your part of the deal. Weeshes are paranoid and think they are always being taken advantage of but yet a weesh takes advantage of anyone he can.
Wow, I just got robbed by a weesh.

I can't believe this weesh robbed me and still thinks we can be friends.

This annoying weesh wont stop listening to my phone calls and asking questions.

I told this weesh he could come by and hang out for an hour and not he refuses to go home.
by MadMarketer March 25, 2010
Pretty much a dick, or it can mean fuck.
Dont make me weesh slap you (Dont make me slap you with a dick)
Your such a weesh (dick)
Go weesh yourself (Go fuck yourself)
by ilovesnowboarding88 November 05, 2008
Most of the time weesh means 'fuck off'

Danny: Give us a tenner?
James: You can weesh! (you can fuck off)


*people walk away*
Jess: Weeshed! (they fucked off)
by Hannah_Banana September 15, 2005
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