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Your drinkin beer and smokin weed at the same time.
by Julius-thadeus-skrill-tweeker January 24, 2009
37 12
Weerd- adjective, -er, -est, adj
1. used to describe a male who has yet to go through puberty (adj)
2. an (adj.) used mostly by males who are sexually confused
3. people who correspond to this term tend to have tiny male extremities

Antonyms: awesome; amazing; cool;
ex: my penis is taller than that weerd

ex; your penis looks like a seven year olds dick! You're so weerd!
by the nazer 117 September 15, 2011
4 4
Acting weird because you are high on weed
Jon is laughing for no reason, he is acting weerd!
by Perilofsatan March 27, 2010
1 3
tru dat; kewl; right on !
weerd homie !
weerd up bitch !
by tay-dur July 07, 2006
2 28