A term used by faggot tools to denote frustration or sadness over anything.

to fail epicly
Bob: Ya, bra, I raped your sister last night. she was fucking TIGHT.

John: Bra, well your mom sucked on MACAWK.

Bob: (flipping his hair) WEEP
by PIE!!! March 27, 2010
To have anal sex with a member of the opposite sex.
We had Doggy weeps last night!
by Jillyann October 05, 2007
acronym for White Eastern European Protestant. Just like a WASP; just for the rest of us who are NOT Anglo-Saxon descendents.
I would consider myself a WASP, but due to my Hungarian heritage, I am more accurately a WEEPy American male.
by elemental July 09, 2005
simple way of saying ahhhhhhhhhh
lindsey said weep when she got hit by a car
by samee February 17, 2004
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