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An excuse for 12-17 year old guys to say a word that sounds like penis but isn't penis. Most claim that the weenis is the flap of skin under your elbow, but we all know that

a. The skin is the Olecranal skin
b. You are just obsessed with saying penis if you say weenis constantly
Bill: "Dude my Weenis is dirty and scratched man"
Gary: "You just want to say penis don't you"
Bill: "Nu uh. Weenis is a medical term!"
Gary: (pulls out medical dictionary to find nothing on weenis)
Gary: "GTFO"
by RoboZombie April 13, 2011
A condidtion where everything you look at will seem to have a Red and Green tint to it. Usually caused by the Gratudious amounts of Red and Green that are used during Christmas.
Bill: "Dude John, that Blue wall is now like Blue Green bro."
John "Methinks you just have Coloristmastism man."
by RoboZombie April 13, 2011

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