An uncool, outta style person. Usually into reading, science, and breeding fish. You can find them hanging around arcades or comic book conventions.

1) weenies either wear the same clothes over and over again, OR wash their clothes 88 times a day.
2) weenies are almost always virgins.
3) weenies beat you in the science fair.
football guy #2: YEAH LETS BEAT HIM UP!!

weenie #1: My stars! I think I have accidentally spilt some Co2 with my NaCl4!!
weenie #2: E=MC2!
by yo yo yo mamma June 20, 2006
An extremely insecure person who most likely licks they balls in spare time. This person cares excessively about everything around them and tries hard for approval. He or she acts cool on the outside (or tries to) but in reality they are a true pussy at heart. A weenie needs to have a bestest friend and can never do things on his or her own. He or she has the tendency to be wrong or unjust all the time.
Look at that weenie-- he shits himself on the bench because he is afraid coach is gonna put him in.

You are such a weenie..two weeks ago you said you hated rap music, and now you like it? Get a life (and live it on your own)
by doeboyfresh1212 January 22, 2009
Someone who is scared. Also see pussy
The staff at the AA forums are weenies.
by Rick October 21, 2004
related to the geek family.(i.e. dork, geek)
a phrase usually given out of a playful manner.
EX. Oscar is a weenie because he prefers not to dance ;]
by weenienumber2 January 27, 2007
a rather small human being with a uncomfortable personality, not ctually a penis, may look like one
annie r.
by hotdog June 05, 2003
Weenie is a very sensitive guy, and it angers and saddens him that everyone isn't just as sensitive as he. An admitted male feminist, Weenie is ever vigilant against anti-progressive attitudes. Though he seldom comes into personal contact with the working classes, he keenly feels the pain of their oppression nonetheless .
Chris is such a weenie because he won't touch pho or anything little bit of asian food.
by MaxWa September 08, 2007
someone who is a tease.
Guy 1: "dude, my g/f kept getting close, but wouldn't let me touch her"

Guy 2: "She is such a weenie"
by LegoDick December 24, 2007

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