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your a weenie
you look like a weenie
your SUCH a weenie
you smell like a weenie
by Bartholimue August 21, 2008
4 8
Someone who is scared. Also see pussy
The staff at the AA forums are weenies.
by Rick October 21, 2004
12 17
related to the geek family.(i.e. dork, geek)
a phrase usually given out of a playful manner.
EX. Oscar is a weenie because he prefers not to dance ;]
by weenienumber2 January 27, 2007
6 12
a rather small human being with a uncomfortable personality, not ctually a penis, may look like one
annie r.
by hotdog June 05, 2003
8 16
Weenie is a very sensitive guy, and it angers and saddens him that everyone isn't just as sensitive as he. An admitted male feminist, Weenie is ever vigilant against anti-progressive attitudes. Though he seldom comes into personal contact with the working classes, he keenly feels the pain of their oppression nonetheless .
Chris is such a weenie because he won't touch pho or anything little bit of asian food.
by MaxWa September 08, 2007
12 21
someone who is a tease.
Guy 1: "dude, my g/f kept getting close, but wouldn't let me touch her"

Guy 2: "She is such a weenie"
by LegoDick December 24, 2007
2 14
A weak character in a game, often referring to weak cards in Collectible Card game, which are used for their low cost to use.
A Magic: The Gathering deck consisting of mostly creatures less than 3/3 is called a 'weenie deck', and can be effective against strong cards.
by certifiedandrew February 04, 2004
8 20