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Its actually the skin on your elbow.
Ow, I hit my weenis on the refrigerator.
by Ric October 10, 2003
meaning good lookin, very attractive or sexy
yo bro, whos da hottie over there
by ric March 04, 2005
Someone or something scruffy/ugly/untidy/dirty etc...
"You chatty ba*tard"
"Look at that chatty bitch over there"
"This house is proper chatty as f*ck"
by ric December 02, 2003
oil-based sex-lube (marketed as a facial
makeup remover)
"We've been fucking for hours; it's time
to reapply more Albolene to genitals."
by Ric March 15, 2003
When you accidently say the wrong word, mispronounce a word, or call your girlfriend by a different name than her own.
"Hey helen.... I mean Susan, uh oh!"
"Oh Helen it feels so good... , oh shit ahh my nuts! I mean Susan... honestly! HEY HEY"
by Ric March 27, 2004
Insignificant Manchester football team constantly overshadowed by their illustrious red neighbours. See also Bertie.
Tw*t him he's a ciddy fan
by Ric August 02, 2004

1. The Shit.
2. The ultimate of quality.
3. Best of the best.
1. Yo' man this 40 is the siznic that you be having in this hizzie.

2. Michael Jordan is the Shiznic at Basketball.
by Ric October 21, 2005

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