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the water left over in your bong weed+ watter
i drank all the weeder from my bong and i got messed up
by will August 11, 2004
a weed feeder
Oh man have you seen Pedro?? He now has a weeder girlfriend and... the munchies! He is so fat!
by MikDick February 02, 2009
the man how keeps everyone under control after smoking pot
dave is a great weeder
by super man39 August 20, 2009
The person(s)who bring tree to the weeding/sesh/party/
Alright mr. green, everyone else is out of tree...looks like you're gunna have to be the weeder for this weeding.
by Hella Ripped September 09, 2007
A tool or a person committed to weed removal in gardens, farms, landscapes, etc.
I am a weeder. I work at minimum wages. I use my hands, and sometimes I use a weeder device such as a weed twister.

by RayCruzer September 23, 2006
a lesser version of a stoner who still smokes weed but doesnt want it every second of the day.
"dude, let's smoke again tonight"
"nah dude i already did this week but in the next week we can"
"damn your such a weeder, be a stoner like me and smoke tonight again!"
by weeder4lyfe June 17, 2008