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a weed feeder
Oh man have you seen Pedro?? He now has a weeder girlfriend and... the munchies! He is so fat!
by MikDick February 02, 2009
The person(s)who bring tree to the weeding/sesh/party/
Alright mr. green, everyone else is out of tree...looks like you're gunna have to be the weeder for this weeding.
by Hella Ripped September 09, 2007
the water left over in your bong weed+ watter
i drank all the weeder from my bong and i got messed up
by will August 11, 2004
A tool or a person committed to weed removal in gardens, farms, landscapes, etc.
I am a weeder. I work at minimum wages. I use my hands, and sometimes I use a weeder device such as a weed twister.

by RayCruzer September 23, 2006
a lesser version of a stoner who still smokes weed but doesnt want it every second of the day.
"dude, let's smoke again tonight"
"nah dude i already did this week but in the next week we can"
"damn your such a weeder, be a stoner like me and smoke tonight again!"
by weeder4lyfe June 17, 2008
A weeder is someone who smokes a lot of weed and is always high
" Would you ever date Tyler?"
" No he's a weeder."
by thesearemyfriendsnames June 28, 2016
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