Overly hench person. Too hench for any good
Dat girl is wedge
by Voin October 04, 2003
When drinking in a round, to buy yourself a drink in between the normal flow of rounds.
No need to skull guys, I'll just get myself a wedge
by skander December 11, 2006
a breed of designer that responds to a type of women's sandal
Kaitlyn: so i got some new *wedges* this weekend...

Trevor: did you just say my name?
by Classic Wedges April 21, 2011
A large pinch of chewing tobacco or snuff.
"Dude, sling my your Copenhagen, i need a wedge"
by Beaverton Bob November 20, 2006
A high heeled platform shoe
No, you can't borrow my wedges
by Bridgette March 04, 2004
slang term for a VW T3 (aka T25) van..
thats a cool wedge dude.. better than a bay or a splitty ..
by Jeff Essex October 09, 2007
One hot pilot
Farmboy. What farmboy. Real fans worship Wedge.
by Rooty April 16, 2004

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