a site of webs
i hate walking into web sites
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
the greatest place for porn
i love porn web sites
by yayyayay July 12, 2003
Address on the web, such as www.foo.com
by null set July 29, 2003
A thing that can enlarge your penis
by Your father July 12, 2003
Anything on the internet, save for(some) pop-up ads.
My personal website is 'diggitymonkeemachine.egg'.
by Diggity Monkeez April 08, 2005
I dont really know. Its got something to do with something called a computer and that thing Al Gore invented you know the...the...the internet.....ya that right
Yo dawg check my shizzle fo' nizzle WEBSITE.DAWG.YO.FIZZER.BITCH!!!
by XBAW March 06, 2003
the location of a spiderweb.
The spider infestation has caused a host of websites.
by kidzsay December 24, 2014

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