The most common form of information on the internet.
That company has a new web site.
by some guy July 14, 2003
A document viewable via the Internet, written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).
Hey, didja check out that web site about Snoopy?
by Crys July 14, 2003
convenient junction of branches, metallic junk or similar ephemera used by spiders to construct silk traps for the apprehension of flying insects and similar.
"Hey, Arachne darling, check out this web site! Heavy Fly Traffic, low overheads and a sweet view of the park! I love it!"
by Clayton July 14, 2003
1. Somebody with a lot of spare times work where we find out who britney spears is fucking.
2. Some place we only visit when we need information for school projects because we didn't listen in class.
1. OMG?!!? did you go to it said britney actually fucked justin!
2. guys? go to if you wanna know the answer to number 2
by anabanana July 11, 2003
(1)a place where people put stuff on the internet so that others may view it
(2)one's own little corner of the internet
by JAP July 28, 2003
A collection of hierarchical web pages related to eachother by content or creator(s). Quality may vary greatly.
"Dear Strong Bad,
I want to start a new website, but I don't have any ideas what to do with for my website. I was wondering if you could give me some ideas for my new website. This website will be cool and I'll e-mail you when I'm done."
by MajStain July 25, 2003
A collection of interlinked web pages that makes its owner money by spawning pop-up ads out the shitter.
My dog has a web site. My dick has a web site. My dog's dick has a web site.
by Evil Zak July 25, 2003

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