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An online transmedia platform, that includes professional journals, podcasts, news briefs, image galleries, and features, that reflect specific expertise. It's not a platform for personal opinion, but rather a virtual archive of active field research. It must provide weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.
Models of a weblication include,,, and
by ArtforZoe December 07, 2013
a web based application
Diamond mine is a popular weblication.
by dube April 19, 2005
a mobile or computer application which is mainly used to access and use internet services like email,chat,browsing,etc.
John: Wow! look at my new weblication!
Kate: what can you do with that?
John: I can access my Yahoo,Gmail and Hotmail accounts in a push!
Kate: You are a weblication freak!
by Razeghi September 04, 2010

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