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1. Internet comics; Comics published on the internet.

2. Digital comic-strips featured online.

3. Online comedians, who feature funny skits and jokes.

Also known as: Online comics & Web-comics
Person A: "I know any good comic book stores. Where can I find rare comics with valuable quotes?"

Person B: "Browse the internet to find webcomics. Almost all of them are free to read!"
by Living-Meme August 28, 2012
A comic published on the internet; for example, Penny Arcade or 8-Bit Theater.
I was reading my favorite webcomic when you interrupted me.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
n. A comic that is on the internet and that you can read it and it's funny, but sometimes it's not because it's serious or somtimes it's just stupid.
Sumbuddy: Hey guy, did you read ze web comic toodae? It was all the funny!
Guy: No, I did not read the web comic today, my mom was dying of cancer.
by Ken R. November 22, 2004
A comic strip, which is placed on a website and usually updated regularly. Often related to video games, although not always.
Some Guy: I almost forgot to check the new VG Cats webcomic today! Yikes!
Some Girl: Oh noz!
by Quizznotik May 17, 2006
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