A webcomic drawn and written by Andrew Hussie, the fourth installment of the MSPaintAdventure comics.

It is notable as a webcomic for it's speed of update (At least two pages a day if Hussie is not animating a flash), It's flash pages complete with a decent soundtrack, Its endearing characters and the occasional absolute horror it can inspire.

It can be found at mspaintadventures.com
-Did you see the new Homestuck update?
-Yeah, the music was pretty aweomse
by Xeans December 08, 2010
A web comic pertaining to an incredibly complex network of intertwined relationships between the space-time linear parallels of a group of juvenile human beings and a slightly larger group of juvenile troll-like humanoid extraterrestrials who must work together to stop a rogue villain from destroying our universe, communicated through and perpetrated by a with the ability to manipulate time and space while simultaneously bringing about the end of the world, interspersed with interruptions from an omniscient talking cue ball as well as a separate group of gang-involved beings hellbent upon exacting revenge on a rival group of gang-involved beings, all tied together by a characteristic ironically ridiculous and self-deprecating sense of humor with homage to both classic character archetypes from throughout human history as well as the familiar internet-central humor of today’s youth.
"Did you read the homestuck update?"
by whyareallthenamesiwanttaken December 06, 2011
Someone who reads, or is an avid (or sometimes rabid) fan of the Homestuck/Hivebent webcomic drawn/written/animated by Andew Hussie as seen on his website, MSPA, or MS Paint Adventures.

Often this term is used to describe the more dedicated fans who might be seen drinking faygo, saying "honk," "shoosh-papping," wearing colourful zodiac shirts, wearing handmade horns in candycorn colors, or spending their free time drawing shitloads of fanart of their headcanons or ship pairings.
Me: I just spent the entire weekend drawing EridanxFeferi fan art and I ordered my Aquarius shirt... Am I a homestuck yet?
Friend: ...We are no longer friends.
Me: *sobs in a corner*
by afjlsdhfslodfjksf October 03, 2011
Homestucks are people associated with the secret sociaty founded under thier appreciation to thier "lord's" webcomic Homestuck. They are usually identified wearing candy-corn colored horns and wearing grey paint, they usually have black shirts identifying with a zodiac sign. They tend to get irritated if you mention the gigapause to them. This was an event that ravaged thier lifestyle and killed millions of expectant fans, this made them doubt thier savior and turn to things like Dangan Ronpa and OFF. Thier "lord" identifies himself as Lord Hussie and has a strong passion for horses and shitty Nic Cage movies. If you see a Homestuck, do not approach.
They will brainwash you into thier cult.
EXAMPLE: The Homestucks went to the convention and ruined it for everyone else.
by John Egbert, Lover of Nic. September 04, 2014
What's your blog about? Homestuck trash.....
by Scarlett Jean November 10, 2014
Extremely irritating people who are fans of the popular webcomic "Homestuck", created by Andrew Hussie. While not all of them are whiney, rude, vocal and annoying, most of them are.

Often you can find them cosplaying in large herds at conventions. They run around covered in grey body paint and sporting candy cane colored horns and a zodiac symbol tee shirt.

They leave smudges of body paint all over hotel doors and bathrooms, public areas, your $2000 fursuit or $300 cosplay, and also love to harass people into reading all 6000+ pages of the comic.
A-Whats that grey smudge on your fursuit/cosplay/shirt?

B-I was attacked by a hoard of homestucks. They thought it was funny to smear paint on my clothes/cosplay

A-They're just a bunch of immature horned assholes
by Flour Tortilla March 10, 2014
A web comic written by Andrew Hussie. It is an emotionally stirring class drama that takes place in a group of demons called trolls. Six of the twelve main characters are part of the upper echelons of society, and they rule over the other six who are their slaves. The comic begins when a with the slaughter of a tiger by one of the upper class trolls, Vriska. After getting the tiger, a god-like figure in their society, she faces an inspiring journey of self-discovery, redemption, and weight loss. Side plots include a heart-wrenching tale of a butler abused by his ruthlessly strong master, and two childhood friends torn apart by political tension.

This work of genius has received positive reviews from many highly acclaimed sources such as The Baltimore Sun and Christwire.
That storyline from Homestuck was inspired by Jack the Ripper's crimes.
by gottiger December 16, 2011

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