having just ejaculated into your hand...webbing is the act of firing the hot spunk in the direction of others in a spiderman hand thrust.

most commonly used during intercourse. the "webber" may withdraw, spunk on the hand and go "webbing" in the face of the unsuspecting slag.

alternatively, spunk in the hand and then wonder out into the street and go "webbing" on a total random!

magic stuff
I went Webbing in the high street this afternoon...i hit schoolgirl right in the eye.
by trever benjamin March 22, 2007
Top Definition
Webbing is the act of spreading your own fingers apart as wide as possible and placing the erect nipple of your significant other in the webbed area between your fingers and sliding your hand over the nipple and generally massaging the area.

Typically, webbing is performed during foreplay but in certain cultures it can be performed at any time of the day. As is custom, the nipple is placed in between the pointer and middle finger but other configurations consist of the ring and middle finger as well as the highly difficult - yet highly rewarding thumb and pointer finger combo. The act of webbing can be immensely pleasurable to to women if performed correctly and also offers the man a very high level of entertainment.

Webbing can also be performed with the toes, but amateurs should be very cautious when performing this maneuver for the first time as it has a high degree of difficulty. For further information on the dangers of toe-webbing, more is available on Wikipedia under the Helsinki Episode of 1919
Cole: Dude I was webbing that Russian chick so bad last night, she woke up with chafed nipples.
by TJ Juckson February 17, 2013
a verb I've overheard said by old ladies in offices to describe surfing the Internet
Hey Margaret! The computer guy was just here and now I'm webbing!
by sdegraeve September 04, 2006
Verb; When one goes on the internet and does an array of items such a Googling, being on Facebook, watching videos on YouTube, Blogging, so on.
I had an hour to waster before my movie started so I started webbing. I soon found myself captivated with new videos and Blogging about school.
by Ctallan December 22, 2006
Webbing is the set of pouches on a belt and yoke commonly worn by soldiers throughout the world, also know as PLCE, or place load carring equipment.
Put on your webbing and pick up your L85 and lets bump these fuckers
by Jwinch7722@oal.com March 04, 2006
a technique similar to flirting but more deliberate, in which a person will entrap a member of the opposite sex (the spider) in their web of lust. Hand motions mimick that of Peter Parker, otherwise known as spiderman. The hand.motions are optional but are recommended/
"I was webbing this hot guy so hard last night he ended up coming home with me"
by Kelsey Angela Kim October 31, 2007
the term used when a male horse, standing on a wall, gets sucked off by dat man from Ali G init, after he is finshed he take a specimen of the horses CUM and pretends he is spiderman by throwing the jizz into someones eye lid.


running down a banking


saying hello to your next door, yum!


openly admitting that you enjoy the presence of some one with a disability

Tommy: "go web go, i enjoy webbing"


John: "weeeeeeeeeeeeeee"


Reece: "hello, next door"
Next door: "orwite"


Prezzers: "i enjoy that child, he has downsyndrome, mmmmm"
by Fishaaaaaaaaaaaaa June 13, 2007
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