A stupid person, a retard. A person so lacking in intelligence he might be seen at The Weaver School and Workshop for the Mentally Handicapped (in Akron, OH).
Einstein was never the president, you fucking weaver!
by SmallStone January 08, 2007
alternative word for weed
Do you smoke weaver?
by Daniel G July 03, 2006
your butt and or buttcrack
man my weaver really itchs
by abcdefghijk June 21, 2005
a word used to describe a dwarf, native to the state of Hawaii
ex)the hula dancer is a weaver
by reagon January 03, 2008
the art of making red hot loving to a sonciwalls wan port. see also wan-port weaver.
did you see that wan port. it caught weaver feaver
by mdweaver September 19, 2007
A slang term referring to an individual who works in the sales industry and loves the song "dreamweaver".

Also a person who is overly concerned with his/her appearance.

Similar to Metrosexual
Did you see what the weaver was wearing yesterday?

Don't be such a weaver.
by Richard Candian April 10, 2008
1. The coolest kid you know. You gotta love him.
2. The dumbass that's kinda fun to hang with but way more fun to beat up.
3. The ex-boyfriend you regret having.
4. That horny basturd that owes you money.
5. The guy that thinks he can skate.
6. A reason to say the sentence: "Wow, I really think I hate that kid."
7. The kid that eats all your food and sometimes spidercake.
Dude did you see that weaver kid? He's such a dumb ass!

OMG I totaly regret dating the horny basturd.
by The mouth of truth. March 25, 2008

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