A word often used to describe a very unethical, very gay act. Slipping a dude a roofie, prison raping him, walking him up and offering him some home made fudge... just wrong on so many levels.
Wow that guy is such a douchebag, yeah but look that giant homo is gonna give him a weaver... hmm tragic
by anonomus 5000 December 06, 2007
One of the gayest kids you'll ever come accross, usually gets his jollies by fisting men named Steve. Weaver has also been linked to Felching, what a discusting pig.
whoa did you see weaver fist that little boy, what a fag
by rgv312 October 17, 2007
Someone who makes up or exaggerates a story or situationto get out of trouble or improve your standing with others. Weave
Bobby said he was couldn't come because he was working, but baz saw him at the Queen's Head... that guy's a weaver
by thebigG September 20, 2006
Usually known as the drunkass of the party... likes to accidentally flash people to distract them during beer pong... from the north but not a yankee... believes they are gangsters excuse me gangsta!
look at the weaver of the party
by marleyloveshisauntamanda July 15, 2008
-a man between the ages of 15 and 21 who falsely believes him self to be the reincarnation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

-this man also refers constantly to the power of self determination.

"with enough self-determination you can sprout some wings and flyyyy awayyy"

-he also displays discontent over the illegal immigration of mexicans
Man after conquering china and outlawing weed that weaver supported under age smoking. He was quoting saying "with enough self determination with enough self-determination cancer is completely avoidable"
by Anthony Panton December 29, 2007
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