Those girls who always clog up the womens bathroom first thing in the morning. Applying makeup and fixing their 'Weaves'. Other ways to spot a weaver is overuse of makeup to the prostitute level and constant use of the words swag, ratchet, gangsta, and yolo.
Weaver 1: Guuurrll, did you hear about Tina and Bobby? I hear they be so rachet! *Fixes hair*
Weaver 2: Oh you be shittin me, I thought Bobby was with Johnny! *Applies makeup to Weaver 1*
Weaver 1: O ya sayin Bobby be gay? Dude that ain't got no swag!
Innocent bystander: Could you please move..? I actually need to use the restroom...?
by Floating cat December 29, 2013
1. A common last name for American Families
2. A person who weaves yarn/string/e.t.c into items such as blankets and rugs
1. "Hey bro what was that hot chick's name?"

" Amanda Weaver"

2. "Look at that gorgeous rug, we should buy it!"

"Yeah, and it's actually woven by a weaver!"
by freakofftheleash November 27, 2010
1. A name for a person who has, "my daddy is a pilot syndrome." Not to be confused with a Mock.
2. One who frequently says "Hey, Keven!!"
Dude, quit being such a weaver and go do some work.
by pandaber1012 February 08, 2011
Usually someone who resides in northern Ohio, their behavior is much like a 10 year old however they dress like a 70 year old. Wardrobes consist of loafers, carpenter jeans and off colored T shirts that Easter Seals and the Salvation Army would not even accept as donated clothes. Weavers are usually the type to have sunglasses with thier initials on them, they try to act tough, can be easily influenced by others, and they usually like to call people his "brother" or " broham". A weaver will do well as a private investigator but not so well in the diesel technician field. They have a canning ability to find the truth, but lack the ability to change an oil filter.
I just had my batteries changed on my truck, now they are leaking everywhere, looks like someone did not bolt them down, wow, what a weaver...........
by 2973aeds September 17, 2010
The act of, or a person that has, sexual intercourse with inanimate objects. Though that is the true definition, You can also be classified as a Weaver by doing anything remotely sexual with inanimate objects.
Get your cock off that chair you Weaver!

Stop weavering the wall!
by c0nn0rmcghee May 26, 2011
(1.) A brat. Someone who essentially poops on the party.
(2.) Someone untrustworthy. Someone who steals frequently.
(1.) We were all having a good time but Tyler was just sitting there being a weaver for absolutely no reason!

(2.) Someone stole $160 dollars from me. I'm gonna find out who that weaver was and get my money back!
by fly_ass_mamacita October 17, 2009
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