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Fowlerville is a small town near lansing where all the kids think they are badasses and they're right,big trucks,camo, and boots, what else is badass? nothing.
Tom: hey Joe, you see that lifted truck?
Joe: yeah
Tom: must be some badass from fowlerville, lets go before his monster truck runs over my car.
by theBigG November 21, 2012
Fyke (adj)
1.To explore the limits of one's endurance through excessive lifestyle.
2.An act of extreme loonacy

To be Fyked
1.Extremely drunk / tired
2.Extremely shagged by someone
3.to be ripped off badly i.e. fyked over
"this weekend is going to be a complete fyke..."
"That bloke is fyked - look at him, he can't even stand!"
"Look at that idiot up the lamp post - what fyke"
"They nicked my wallet, I've been fyked over"
by thebigG September 20, 2006
Someone who makes up or exaggerates a story or situationto get out of trouble or improve your standing with others. Weave
Bobby said he was couldn't come because he was working, but baz saw him at the Queen's Head... that guy's a weaver
by thebigG September 20, 2006
1. To make up, change or exaggerate a story to get out of trouble or improve your standing with others.
2. As above, but to get into a place or situation that the truth would not allow.

Not to be used during the weave but to explain to friends afterwards.
1. "I weaved to the missus that I was at home last night..." or "It was wall to wall birds last night and I could have shagged half of them...'' would be a weave.
"I weaved I got straight A grades on my CV"

2. "We weaved we were a film crew to get into the club"
by thebigG September 20, 2006

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