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A person who not only loves freaking out at the annual end-of-days, blast zone celebration known as Wasteland Weekend, but carries that love into the rest of the year, enjoying things such as, (but not limited to), Mad Max, Fallout, The Blood of Heroes, and getting together/finding other Wastelanders to revel in the sun-scorched, bleach-boned, spiked-leather goodness of the post-apocalypse.
After months of raiding, the Wastelanders are gathering and headed to the Mojave to revel in madness and exult in their spoils.
by liveMike May 18, 2013
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A wastelander is a term used for anyone living on the US(rather Canadian) territory, inspired by a post-apocalyptic game series, Fallout. According to those games, after a nuclear war current US territory would be a wasted land with no trees or pure water, inhabited by ghouls, mutants and chinks.
—Why hello there wastelander, whatcha doin in our neck of the... well, what do you want?
—Hello my canuck friend. I was searching for a tree, a green one, for my studies. Do you have trees in your lands?
—No, thanks to you and commies! All we have is nuclear snow desert.
by Cure-eeos. June 28, 2009
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