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1. A kiss.

Typically a light-hearted or even platonic kiss -- but can refer to any type of kiss.

2. A favorite term for dirty old friend-of-the-family "uncles" or "aunts" to use when drunk at gatherings.
1. After their date Sally gave Joe a smootch on the cheek and they parted ways for the evening.

2. "Hhhey shweety, hhow 'bout a lil smootch for old Uncle Arnie, eh?"
by liveMike December 14, 2009
The fine art of ranged booger attack. A master booger bomber is able to covertly hit a target multiple times from across an office space or over a cubicle wall without alerting the target.
"My booger bombing raids were so successful today, my boss will think he has the worse case of dandruff ever when he gets home."
by liveMike June 19, 2008
The act of a man concealing his erection by tucking the top of his penis behind his belt, or in a beltless situation, behind the waistband of his pants to hold the penis in place against his body, thus keeping the bulge hidden and preventing eye injury.

Does not work with tight fitting pants, (unless a long shirt is being worn un-tucked) .

The well endowed man must be careful with this technique as his junk can peek out above the waistline, and one slip of the shirt could create a situation far worse than just being busted with a boner.
1. Dude, your mom is so hot, I've been beltlooping since we left your house!

2. My morning wood just wouldn't go away today, I had to beltloop it till lunch.
by liveMike December 10, 2009
The hobby or practice of exploring the caverns of the face.

Often practiced in tandem with booger bombing.
Cube slave 1: "Dude, I'm soooo damn bored..."
Cube slave 2: "You should take up facial spelunking."
Cube slave 1: "Man, I'm so past that, I've been booger bombing you for hours..."
by liveMike June 19, 2008
A person who not only loves freaking out at the annual end-of-days, blast zone celebration known as Wasteland Weekend, but carries that love into the rest of the year, enjoying things such as, (but not limited to), Mad Max, Fallout, The Blood of Heroes, and getting together/finding other Wastelanders to revel in the sun-scorched, bleach-boned, spiked-leather goodness of the post-apocalypse.
After months of raiding, the Wastelanders are gathering and headed to the Mojave to revel in madness and exult in their spoils.
by liveMike May 18, 2013
The theory that the things an entity contributes to benefit the world are of greater value than the contributions that benefit only the entity itself.
Rome... the legacy outlives the empire.
by liveMike February 17, 2010
A hero and warrior sportsman of the post-apocalypse. A chain swinging, sword slicing, skull impaling lover of dirt and blood.
No quiver in your loins has been felt as strong as that from the Jugger while passing you into battle.
by liveMike June 17, 2013

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