Better than awesome. Usually used when referring to tacky early 90s movies, tv shows, and fashions.

(It started out as a typo and then became its own word. That's how all the good ones get made...)
Back to the Future is totally wasome!
by Go make me a waffle, bitch, September 16, 2004
Top Definition
- its another way of saying awesome.

-it started out as a typoe,and it just made its way around.
Man that kid edgar is so Wasome.
Woah! thats so Flickin Wasome.
by taybee101 February 10, 2010
awsomer than awsome!!...its plain and simpe wasome!!!!! If you are called wasome you are very special!
megz:hallow adam..
adam:hii megz..
megz:your so wasome!!
adam:no way you are wasome!!
megz:i feel so special!
by megz+adam August 20, 2008
A word used by the queuetsy creampuffs, meaning.. plain and simple... AWESOME!!!!
dummie- "wow.. i am so stupid"
me- "no, no, no! your wasome!.. you silly goose!
by Vicky+Sam June 15, 2005
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