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Better than awesome. Usually used when referring to tacky early 90s movies, tv shows, and fashions.

(It started out as a typo and then became its own word. That's how all the good ones get made...)
Back to the Future is totally wasome!
by Go make me a waffle, bitch, September 16, 2004
11 14
- its another way of saying awesome.

-it started out as a typoe,and it just made its way around.
Man that kid edgar is so Wasome.
Woah! thats so Flickin Wasome.
by taybee101 February 10, 2010
25 2
awsomer than awsome!!...its plain and simpe wasome!!!!! If you are called wasome you are very special!
megz:hallow adam..
adam:hii megz..
megz:your so wasome!!
adam:no way you are wasome!!
megz:i feel so special!
by megz+adam August 20, 2008
2 7
A word used by the queuetsy creampuffs, meaning.. plain and simple... AWESOME!!!!
dummie- "wow.. i am so stupid"
me- "no, no, no! your wasome!.. you silly goose!
by Vicky+Sam June 15, 2005
4 9