Yoo; where a lot of dominicans live at. They all speak spanish and it is the greatest part of uptown manhattan! Its also known as the heights and 181 st. is like the main street there.

Woo dominicans!!
Man: Diablo que calor.
Man2: Pero no hace tanto calor como en dominicana.
Man: Eso e verdad compai aqui en washington heights no hace ese calor.
by gwaalaah February 27, 2009
Top Definition
Home of 90 % of all da Dominicans dat in in NYC aka Lil' DR aka da Home Of Da Haze
Oye fam Im goin 2 my ppls on Washington Heights
by Don Alex October 31, 2004
(also known as the heights, da heightz, home of the haze, domincans'vill and like our parents say: Guashington Heights)
The neighborhood in uptown Manhattan- NY famously known for the large population of Dominicans. It goes from 157th street all the way up to Dyckman.

Used to be New York's crime capital back in the 50's through the late 70's and had alot of Irish, Jews, crackheads, prostitutes and in much more poverty. Not so much anymore though. However, you still see alot of Jews and rich white people hidden in the quiet neighborhoods nobody knows about.
"I went to Washington Heights yesterday and those Dominicans have so much fun!"
by Glammerz August 09, 2005
The best place to live if your dominican looking for a better oppornity. It is a very fun place to live. The only place that you can walk 3 miles and not get tired. Every body here is trying to have fun. You have empanadas on the main streets, Chimichurris on amsterdam, and platanos are cheaper than in other places. You have the bronx nearby, Nightclubs in Downtown,movies on 181st and other.
u from washington heights?
u brought some empanada de queso
by thadking February 11, 2008
My Birthplace, i luv being the only black kid in this place CUZ EVRYONE IS FUCKING DOMINICAN
and everyone speaks spanish n shit so i have to go on the train so i can talk to somebody---- if there is somebaody in Wash Heights dat speaks english lemme know!!!!!

Me:Can i get a plain slice

Dominican:Galo que nosotros punani controdo casa pescado limon __(my interpretation of spanish)__

Me: fuck
by Nips October 08, 2005
Washington heights is the one place that makes people beleive that all stereotyes of dominicans are correct. It is a disgrace to all other none ghetto dominicans that want to move on and prosper in life. There are a small percentage of dominicans in washington heights that arent ghetto, loud, annoying, belong to a gang, sell drugs or spent 95 percent of their time hanging out in the middle of the streets and if you are one of them. what the f*&k are you doing living there?.. I am extremely proud of being dominican and of being born and raised in new york but washington heights still makes me sick. Obviously not every single person in the heights is like this but from the thousands I've met 999 are.
1 person: really, ur from washington heights?
2person: yes.
1 person: i am surprised that ur not wearing huge hoop earings and a chain with ur name on it. Im also surprise you know how to talk like an educated person.
by ashley00 May 21, 2009
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