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One of the best things to ever happen in my life.
Ashlyn was one of the most important things in my life for one month.
by neineinein329 May 26, 2013
The neighborhood right above Harlem. Runs from 155 St to Dykman St in the upper Manhattan area. Home to the largest concentration of Dominicans in New York City. The most popular streets are 168 st, 181 st and Dykman. The women in this sea are said to be smoking hot yet conceited and usually go after drug dealers and gangbangers.
Bob: "I heard Washington Heights has some hot chicks."
Michael: "Well you might as well forget about pickin' one up, unless you have a car or sell drugs."
by neineinein329 July 27, 2012
African-AmericansVille(the central part at least). Known for it's history of African Americans. Of course other ethnic groups like hispanics and a few whites have been making up residence in this area. Harlem is a very large neighborhood in Manhattan and can be broken up to 3 parts: East Harlem(5th ave and east), Central Harlem(5th ave to St. Nicholas ave), and West Harlem or Hamilton Heights(St. Nicholas and further west) which is basically an extension of Washington Heights as it is predominantly a Dominican area. East Harlem is also predominantly hispanic (mainly Puerto Rican).
Tony: "Are you sure we're in Harlem? I see nothing but hispanics out here."
Hector: "That's because we're in East Harlem."
by neineinein329 July 30, 2012
A female dominican, famously known for their asses, exotic curves and gorgeous faces. They come in all colors, not just brown.
white guy: Dude check Sirah out, man is she hot!!!!

other guy: No shit, thats because she's dominican, or as they say in spanish-dominicana
by neineinein329 May 13, 2012
Also know as the Bronx, the puerto rican capital of New York. Home to the largest concentration of Puerto Ricans outside of the island of Puerto Rico.
Juan: "I'm out to Newyorico, see ya!"
Carlos: "Wtf is that at??"
Juan: "Dats just what I call The Bronx son!"
by neineinein329 July 25, 2012
The western section of Harlem, runs west of St. Nicholas ave to the hudson river. A predominantly Dominican neighborhood thanks to Washington Heights being right above it, this area is home to famous landmarks such as Sugar Hill and the Hamilton Grange National Memorial.
Hamilton Heights is in Harlem, West Harlem to be exact.
by neineinein329 August 01, 2012
Pronounced: "Bruh-zee-lay-ruh" (n)Portuguese for a female Brazilian.

Physical Characteristics:

Brasileiras are a typically thick-bodied species; very similar in appearance to their close relatives, Latinas. Their bodies generally consist of very large asses, large breasts, skin colors ranging from Northern European-White to Sub-Saharan African-Black, as well as usually having long black or blonde hair. Despite their exotic beauty they are not the most healthy species of human, seeing as how Brazil has the most cases of AIDS outside of Africa
While Brasileiras are a widespread species in South America, their primarily found in the beaches of the portuguese-speaking country, Brazil.

While similar in many ways to Latinas, Brasileiras can be distinguished by their unexplainable obsession with shaking their asses in rhythm-like motions, presumably to attract mates. They enjoy having lots of sex and can often be seen in porn websites displaying their fetish for farting on one other
Joao: "You want to know what to call a Brazilian woman in portuguese?"
Mary: "Sure."
Joao: "Brasileira"
by neineinein329 March 30, 2015

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