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(also known as the heights, da heightz, home of the haze, domincans'vill and like our parents say: Guashington Heights)
The neighborhood in uptown Manhattan- NY famously known for the large population of Dominicans. It goes from 157th street all the way up to Dyckman.

Used to be New York's crime capital back in the 50's through the late 70's and had alot of Irish, Jews, crackheads, prostitutes and in much more poverty. Not so much anymore though. However, you still see alot of Jews and rich white people hidden in the quiet neighborhoods nobody knows about.
"I went to Washington Heights yesterday and those Dominicans have so much fun!"
by Glammerz August 09, 2005
to recieve oral sex from a guy.
Brian: "i just got some bobby-scroodles a minute ago!"
Jess: "I knew you were gay!"
Brian: "You wasn't saying that a minute ago, though."
Jess: "True."
by Glammerz August 09, 2005
(pronounced "booger-loo vill-udge" duh!)

An imaginary place you tell someone to to go to so they can get out of your face, or to tell them to go sit down and think really hard.

Sorta like saying "go to hell!" or "leave me alone" in a more calm but sarcastic and random way.
Dad: "Hey son, Grandma called and asked if you like the christmas gift she sent you."
Son: "Eh, yeah....tell her i said go to boogerloo village."
Dad: "Excuse me"
Son: "Its a very nice place, dad."
Dad" "Hmmm...okay."

**lol, adults always think that its just a new tend these kids are using**
by Glammerz August 09, 2005
to get oral sex from a girl
Jess: "She gave him some sally-scroodle after school"
Brian: "Damn...i'd like some bobby-scroodles right now"
Jess: "Aw, dude! you're a fag!"

**search for bobby-scroodles def.***
by Glammerz August 09, 2005
to say that you have or that someone else has a booty like that of Jennifer Lopez (a famous Puerto Rican actress/singer/fashion-line owner)

Personally i think she's a great actress but a horrible singer and the only reason she has a fashion-line is because of the hundreds of much more talented designers she can afford to hire and steal their credit. Just like her ex-boyfriend Sean "P.diddy" Combs a.k.a Puff Daddy.
Pervert: "My girlfriend has a J.Lo booty"
Cool guy: "Damn, then it must reek of stupid bitch eh?"
Pervert: "yep"
by Glammerz August 09, 2005

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