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Washington heights is the one place that makes people beleive that all stereotyes of dominicans are correct. It is a disgrace to all other none ghetto dominicans that want to move on and prosper in life. There are a small percentage of dominicans in washington heights that arent ghetto, loud, annoying, belong to a gang, sell drugs or spent 95 percent of their time hanging out in the middle of the streets and if you are one of them. what the f*&k are you doing living there?.. I am extremely proud of being dominican and of being born and raised in new york but washington heights still makes me sick. Obviously not every single person in the heights is like this but from the thousands I've met 999 are.
1 person: really, ur from washington heights?
2person: yes.
1 person: i am surprised that ur not wearing huge hoop earings and a chain with ur name on it. Im also surprise you know how to talk like an educated person.
by ashley00 May 21, 2009

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