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The best place to live if your dominican looking for a better oppornity. It is a very fun place to live. The only place that you can walk 3 miles and not get tired. Every body here is trying to have fun. You have empanadas on the main streets, Chimichurris on amsterdam, and platanos are cheaper than in other places. You have the bronx nearby, Nightclubs in Downtown,movies on 181st and other.
u from washington heights?
u brought some empanada de queso
by thadking February 11, 2008
Rockland is just a boring place 30 minutes from Nyc depending on where in the county you live. Yes there is the palisades mall that could be boring sometimes this is just a county with alot of rich people except for some parts of nyack,haverstraw,and spring valley. Never move to rockland county. Move to New York city or Westchester or new jersey but not to rockland
You got any hot nightclubs in Rockland?
What the Fuck is a Nightclub.

What do you do on a saturday night here in Rockland?
Read a book and listen to some classical on volume level 1.
by thadking February 11, 2008
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