Your best friend if you don't have a social life. Some people actually pay monthly to play this game, and some actually pay even more for things in the game.
That nerd was playing warcraft while I had sex with his mother.
by jizzmasterxxx October 03, 2005
in other words warcrack.A game played by little twelve year olds and forty year old men who live in ther mothers basement.Is more easy to get addicted to then neopets or marijuana.
"I love warcraft so much even though im a sucky Noob that always dies" Leroy Jenkins
by Scoooorch July 31, 2006
Warcraft is the military strength or military power of a group, a country or an union
Der Luftwaff, The RAF, The Fatahs, etc..
by Marcelo August 23, 2003
The first major sucseessful game Blizzard ever had. It is set in a medieval world of magic and dragons.
WarCraft in no way shape or is as good as StarCraft.
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
An RTS/RPG by Blizzard entertainment.
Popular, but painfully linear.
Essentially StarCraft with updated graphics and differant units.

Not as interesting as Command and Conquer.
Not as epic as Homeworld.
Not as many units as Total Annihilation.
WarCraft is alright.
But simply cannot compare to C&C or Homeworld.
by Kane April 03, 2005
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