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Meaning: Fuck Your Life
Opposite of the popular FML term (Made famous by

To be used in...
1) A nerds timid way to express utter anger.
2) Describing a fucked up situation/event that a person is in, to that person.
Jock: Hey u little dweeby prick, pick the wedgie out ur stuck up ass you faggot.
Nerd: FYL, jock monkey!

Guy 1: My girlfriend just broke up with me, my Mom died, & I just got evicted for my fucking house Bob. Don't ask me why I'm crying!
Bob: FYL.
by Shotta March 23, 2009
it's the alternate to the commonly known FML. instead of you, it's anyone else.
"Some girl said I had a small penis."
"Man that sucks, FYL."
"I know, FML."
by fmlfyl March 18, 2009
Fuck YOUR Life
'Today, I was walking with my girlfriend of a year and a half on the beach. Everything was fine until she saw a plane with a banner behind it saying "Cassie, will you marry me?" She said yes. I didn't order a plane.'
by Beakie March 16, 2010
literally f*ck your life when you're saying a friend has had a bad day/experince
"dude i have tutor today from 11-1! fml"
"yeah seriously fyl"
by Teddy Jeehun Park July 07, 2009
Fuck Your Life
with a thumbs up in the middle.

(Y) is the symbol for thumbs up on MSN Messenger.

this is an insult to someone with the add audacity of giving the person you're being a dick to a thumbs up.
(smiling whilst giving a thumbs up)

- Fuck Your Life Fag ! (Y)

- F(Y)L back at ya !
by mcgax February 21, 2010
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