Ruins Lives, sexual intentions and is the number one Divorce game.
Lets go look at some night elf porn on Warcraft
by Shamjenkinzz July 07, 2011
A video game made by blizzard, the game is so good that it is concidered addictive to the point where some people choose to play it over doing other activities over the day. Some girls get upset because they feel lack of attention,
so they blame it on the game who is somewhat responcible but never ask themselves

"am I more worthy of attention right now then the epic game my
boyfriend is playing?"
Girlfriend: "you never talk to me since you started playing warcraft!!"
boyfriend: *still staring at the computer after killing deathwing*
"I..I love you honey"
by Jakiechen June 20, 2014
Derrall Moore the level 50 master.
Im a level 50 wood elf. i'm resting right now to build up my hit points. bring me some cheetos and jolt cola, i'm gonna be up for another 8 hours playing this.
by Bradley ass cloun May 08, 2005
Another example of a horrible game that is used to annoy families and roommates alike. This game requires you to do absolutely nothing but sit at your computer for hours and hours and annoy the piss out of any and all around you. The only type of "play" that such gamers will receive is simple online play, and the only pussy that these individuals will ever see is when they look into a mirror. Skittles are often a complimentary to this game, but only if they are sloshed and smacked throughout your mouth as if it were the last morsel that said gamer will ever eat. Also, little known fact about the game - apparently the louder you click, the better you are. FYL.
Alan is such a douche - all he does is sit and play Warcraft.
by fireupchipps45 January 31, 2010
warcraft is the single greatest thing ever invented, even better than sliced bread. my life was nothing before the perfection that is Warcraft entered my life. without warcraft i would not be able to survive. i spend every waking moment on my computer formulating new strategies so that i can pwn everyone at WC3 and Dota, i am a leet pwnzor, i pwn all.

Warcraft is my GOD.
yesterday i pwned 50 noobs on warcraft.
by I Pwn Noobs June 11, 2006
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