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Sarcastic response to someone who either boasts about something as if they deserve a reward for it, says something that nobody cares about but acts like everyone should, or says something that you can't really respond to. Rarely used IRL; most commonly used on internet forums.
Poster 1: I got a papercut yesterday.
Poster 2: ...Want a cookie?
by danthaman15 June 22, 2009
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Another way of saying "I don't give a fuck" commonly used by middle school children and dumbass freshman.
Fred: Dude, my balls dropped today!
Tim: Wow, want a cookie?
by EdY May 14, 2004
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The nice way to say, I like you, but i don' t care. At all.
Girl 1: I saw our French teacher today!

Girl 2: Wow, want a cookie?

Girl 1: Sure, what kind?
by loios June 05, 2011
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another way a girl asks a guy if he wants to have sexual relations. Usually all the way to intercourse.
guy and girl are hanging out in bedroom

guy: I'm bored

girl: Want a cookie?
sexual relations ensue
by Cookie Lady September 12, 2009
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What You Say To Someone After Being Really Fat. (Not Litterally Obese But Like Eating Two Lunches And Still Beig Hungry)
David B.:(Staring)

Tatiyana R.:Stop Looking At Me YouFukinass hole!

David B.:CHHU-UN Tric-Want A Cookie!?!

Tatiyana R.:HUH???-Yes *Whining*

Kha'Shea H.:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....*Inhales* Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
by KhaShea D. Harris AKA Kmicky October 15, 2008
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