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Something that nobody on the internet can ever recognize.
Sarcasm post: Man, why does it gotta be summer already? Being trapped in a small building and being forced to listen to lectures is the funnest thing in the world!

Replier: What are you talking about?!? School sucks! You're retarded!
#sarcasm #/b/ #forum #internet #/sarcasm #stupid #kidding
by danthaman15 June 22, 2009
Sarcastic response to someone who either boasts about something as if they deserve a reward for it, says something that nobody cares about but acts like everyone should, or says something that you can't really respond to. Rarely used IRL; most commonly used on internet forums.
Poster 1: I got a papercut yesterday.
Poster 2: ...Want a cookie?
#want #a #cookie #internet #forum
by danthaman15 June 22, 2009
Generally accepted internet rule that states that Anonymous can be a horrible, uncaring monster, so prepare yourself for the concequences of posting a new topic.
Rule 6 in action:
/b/ poster: Hey /b/, I just finished making this hat for a friend! What do you think?
Anonymous: I think you don't have any friends. Enjoy your hat.
#anonymous #/b/. epic #fail #rule #internet
by danthaman15 June 12, 2009
A console fanboy is a person who consistently claims that one video game console is better than the others, and insults anyone who plays one of the consoles he/she hates.

Ironically, anyone who calls someone else a fanboy is usually a fanboy themselves. An overwhelmingly common behavior in console fanboys is to call someone else a fanboy, and display fanboy behavior immediatly after (see example).

Unfortunatly, the term gets thrown around so much that few treat the word correctly now. Someone who says he prefers one console over another is immediatly called a fanboy. The most commonly forgotten fact is that fanoys are people who mindlessly trash another console and the people who play them for no reason, NOT people who are just expressing an opinion. Few actually take the time to tell the difference.
Example of the "Calling someone a fanboy and behaving like one right after" behavior:

Sane poster: PS3 and Wii are fun, but Xbox is my favorite.

Console fanboy: OMG us such a 360 fanboy!!! 360 fanboy alert! PS3 is better than both consoles, better graphics, better sound, better online, the other consoles are so shitty, it's unbelivable! PS3 is the ONLY good console, i say SWAT teams should execute anyone who plays anything else! God, stop being such a 360 fanboy!!!
#fanboy #console #video #games #asshole #loser #forum #poster #xbox #ps3 #wii #great #lol #wtf
by danthaman15 June 16, 2009
The universal solution to all problems.
Guy 1:Oh man, I hope my ex-girlfriend doesn't find me!
Guy 2: Buy a dog.
#buy #a #dog #4chan #/b/
by danthaman15 June 17, 2009
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