Someone who appears to be strange, peculiar or odd. A synonym for weirdo. Also a term of endearment.
Dude, why you you have to be such a wango?
by Wonko-the-Sane April 28, 2006
Top Definition
The act of eating out someones butt hole
Hey Eric, can you please wango me?
by Charlie&Tracy January 23, 2010
A large, orangish-yellowish fruit whose juice is praised for its healing abilities. The fruit has been known to cause brief instances of levitation. The word is also a term for something that is extremely prodigious or exciting.
Jonathon, I bought some wangoes the other day. Would you like to have one?" "No James, I would not, as I would not enjoy levitating onto the ceiling." "Why not? That'd be wangoes!
by Hannah Soaptingles September 23, 2010
A word to be used in place of shit or fuck.
We got completely wangoed out of our heads.

Well I guess it is alright if you like wango like that.

This is the best wango available.
by Baarakiss May 30, 2005
The term WANGO can be used in the place of PENIS or any other form of this word.

WANGO is a funnier Substitute!!!
Freaking heck, Your WANGO is huge!!!


Yeah, You should be jelous, My WANGO is bigger than yours!!!

or even

HAHAHA, erm can that even be called a WANGO???
by Jake Byrom April 15, 2007
A type of dance, used in conjunction with the limbo and the tango, used by Africans, according to the U. S. military.
"Go back to Africa and do your gay voodoo limbo tango and wango dance and jump around and prance and run all over the place half naked there!"
-- U.S. Army recruiter Sgt. Marcia Ramode
by bransby March 28, 2007
A fictional object that you tell your childern to find while you are dieing
You must find the wango... Ach!
by TimWarbo October 02, 2004
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