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The proper definition of Canada.
A: We were speaking to some Canadians.
B: Oh, and where do they come from.
A: Canadia, obviously.
by Baarakiss May 30, 2005
(Adv.) In a dramastic manner; when something is outrageously extreme beyond almost all proportion.
Person 1: Did you know using Urban Dictionary once a day can dramastically increase your verbosity?

Person 2: Dramastically?

Person 1: Dramastically!
by Baarakiss March 22, 2009
Unlike their more common leatherclad cousins, the Metro-gimp takes pride in their more metrosexual life-plan. Often seen wearing pastels and the latest fasions the Metro-gimp is more likely to be found in a Nail Salon then underneath a Pawn shop tied to a post.
Man I am going to fuck you gently like a Metro-gimp.

Hey take off that light blue coloured fluffy blindfold, it makes you look like a Metro-gimp.
by Baarakiss January 26, 2006
(Adj.) When something is monstrously monotonous; continuous and boring beyond almost all comparison.
1) Watching day-time TV is such a monstrous activity I would rather drill a hole through my eye socket with my own penis than bear another minute of it.

2) Sure, she's hot, but she talks such inane, monostrous, bullshit you'd get more fun out of fucking a buzz-saw.
by Baarakiss March 22, 2009
A friendly gesture between two heterosexual men, where one inserts a finger into the other's anus as a means of greeting.
1) Vincenzo Capozzoli always leaves a gentleman's calling-card.

2) I expressed our fraternity through the means of a gentleman's calling-card.

3) Gads, that young whipper-snapper just left me a gentleman's calling card, what a cad, what a bounder!
by Baarakiss August 11, 2008
A word to be used in place of shit or fuck.
We got completely wangoed out of our heads.

Well I guess it is alright if you like wango like that.

This is the best wango available.
by Baarakiss May 30, 2005
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