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the act in which a female performs fellatio in exchange for marijuana.
johny: "dude i just got Wamped real good by Katie"

Timmy: "Katie Wamped me really good the other night"

Johnny: "the best part about it was i gave her some mexican brick shit"
by jimbo86 November 12, 2010
to get completely man-handled by a gnarly wave; to get pitted beyond belief; to wipeout.

is usually followed by the hang-loose symbol to gain back all lossed surfer pride and to show one's surfer brahs that he/she can still shred the nar.
"yo brah, I totally got wamped by that killer wave."

"I dropped into this gnarly wave but got wamped after realizing it was a killer close out."
by Kevin "the Cavemann" August 28, 2008
being savagely or devastatingly killed in a repetitive manner during an online game of Call of Duty.

See "Wamping" for the definition of being the individual who dishes out the wamped action
Player 1 "What happened last game man?"
Player 2 "Idk, I always get wamped in Team Deathmatch."

That kid wamped me with a crossbow bolt.
by BrewinPheeners January 10, 2011
The act of being pulled over and/or sub-sequentially being arrested the Police or other lawful authorities. Very common term in Nashville,TN..which is not as country as the nation thinks.
William: Where were you? You're 30 minutes late!
Kyron: I was on my way and got wamped by the boys.

John: My license is suspended
Justin: What happened?
John: I was speeding and I got wamped for the fifth time.
by Juteaux May 17, 2012

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