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whut it dew; whats up; hows it hanging.
Ted: Wamp Wamp

Bill: Nothin...chillin.
by MOA da Great October 29, 2006
To holla at a lady, the act of hollering at a young lady.
wamp wamp baby whats sup wit chu?
by kiki123 May 09, 2008
Hip Hop Mating Call. Honking your horn twice. Looking for a fine young lady.
Malice: *Honks Horn* (Wamp Wamp)

Lady: Hello there.
by PWEEZY December 29, 2006
that yayo. home cooked crack cocaine.
"I was hoping to pick up that white wamp wamp tonight."
by Kernel Poppa December 16, 2006
Pronounced like whomp, WAMP stands for Where Are My Pants? This is a 'game' often played the morning after crazy drunken sex with a stranger. Once pants have been located, one may exclaim 'WAMP WAMP.'
Traci: Are you coming to class?
Betty: Yes, I just have to play a round of WAMP first...
Sara: Did you find them?
Betty: Yeah, on the front porch! WAMP WAMP.
by theponyexpress21 June 09, 2014
wamp wamp or wahhhhhhnnn are southern terms interchangeable with phrases such as "this is quite comedic" or "i am very much enjoying this situation."
Bill: Yo dawg, I just ate some fiya tacos!

Ted: wamp wamp!
by Pickles McCallister March 03, 2011
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