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1) AN AWFUL SUPERHUGE CORPORATION THAT TREATS WORKERS LIKE CRAP!!! They pay illegal immigrants to clean the stores, and cost taxpayers so much because they have to go on welfare and get Medicaid (see Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price). Also, awful for the environment, racist in their practices, sexist in their practices, etc, and they need to go fuck themselves and die, and take all their shitty, cheap Chinese inventory with them to their graves.
2) A word than when uttered makes normally peaceful people start screaming their head off, get incredibly angry, and yell, "FUCK WALMART!!"
Walmart sucks. There's a high cost to low price. Find out more. It's our duty as Americans to stop them and be educated. We can all help bring a stop to this unjustice they commit.
by Person20 December 17, 2005
these fuckin assholes that reject all of the good definitions and allow all of the shitty ones. they also give blowjobs to each other and look at gay porn cause theyre gay.
Writer: Urban Dictionary keeps rejecting my definitions!

Editors: Sorry about that. We were too distracted playing World of Warcraft to care about what you had to say.
by person20 November 01, 2013
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