1. A place where any customer having a bad day feels it is ok to treat walmart employees like 2nd class citizens. You walk around putting items randomly on shelves, next guy comes along picks up a $50.00 phone off of the candle isle in a spot marked $1.00 and wants it for that price but i'm the "stupid bitch" because he can't read.

2. A place that is packed at 2 AM because prices are low and everyone loves to shop there but these same people love to complain how they are driving small business out. Prices may be low but no one is holding a gun to your head. support your local businesses...shop there, not walmart and shut the fuck up!

What do you mean this comforter is $79.95!! The shelf said it was only $2.49.It was right there next to the coffe mugs."STUPID WAL-MART BITCH"

"Oh Bob,isn't it ashame that little pet store down the stree went out of business. We haven't been there in years. It's wal-mart's fault." "Speaking of which, I need to go there and pick up 20lbs of dog food for $8.oo"
by WALMART EMPLOYEE February 28, 2008
A white trash term for Wal-mart, usually used when going into gas stations and asking the clerk how to get to the nearest wal-mart.
After getting clear directions, they still have no idea how to get there.
They also look for Shells, Krogers, Targets, K-marts, Ventures, Best Buys, ect.
Scuse me there man, can you tells me wheres the closests wal-marts is from heres, I'm from Chillicothe and they dun aint's gots one there yet. Cuz I needs to get me sum beef jerky and a tweety bird shirt.
by ThE LaTe JC March 23, 2005
Walmart is a chain of stores that has super low prices and has everything.

In reality it would be possible to live in a walmart any where from 1 to 3 years depending on how you ration your food.

it is believed that to keep walmart running "efficiently" they abduct the children that get lost in their stores and post their pictures on the missing childrens bulletin. The pictures are posted as a trophy to show off to other Walmarts.
the children are force into slavery working in an underground network of tunnels that connect all walmarts together. here they fabricating merchandise such as clothes, electronics, and toys. other tasks include repairs on large machinery such as scissor lifts, conveyor belt, and other such machinery.

oh and it kicks K-marts ass!
Mother: I lost my son in Walmart,

Mother's Friend: He was probably abducted into walmart slavery. If he did you wont see him again unless he find a way to escape.
by reggiyman June 18, 2009
(verb) Returning something that has broken or quit working a few months after purchase, whether one purchased it from Wal-Mart of not. This is due to Wal-Mart's return policy of don't ask, don't tell.
I totally Wal-Marted that vacuum after it clogged up and quit working on me.

Wal-Mart didn't take back the steam cleaner I bought after if died, so I bought a new one, threw the old one in the new box and returned it.

I needed a remote for just a day, so I bought one and Wal-Marted it the next day.
by HankHill August 01, 2008
a stupid cheap store where people buy trashy clothes that look like horrible
wanna go to walmart and buy some cheap ugly threads?
by gigi c.h. May 30, 2006
a place where the white trash "shop" while their brats run around screaming, knocking over displays and other customers. a store where no one understands what "good customer service" is because none of the employees speak english! the merchandise is only cheap because it's either expired, or will break in a week! selling expired baby medicine here is an acceptable practice. wal*mart doesn't care about their customers, just the money.

i boycott wal mart!

he tried to shop at wal*mart, but couldn't understand why none of the employees could answer his questions, so he went to target instead.

boy: "where'd you get that piece of crap you call a tv?"
girl: "wal-mart! that's why it was so cheap!"
boy: "i didn't know they still made black and white tv's!"

paris hilton: what's wal mart? is that where you buy walls?
by msdestiny May 04, 2008
1. Wallyworld.
2. two words: corporate terrorism. This Benadict Arnold corporation hates anything to do with competition and American capitalism. It imports products from China (ironically Communist) and Mexico to sell them at a low price, putting out of business some American corporations like Ohio-based Huffy bicycles.
3. The epitome of whitetrash America and you almost have to be such to shop there (their stores in the southwest have nothing but dirty Hispanic men wearing wife-beater shirts who shop there).
4. It gives capitalism a bad name and is responsible for the demise of jobs outsourced to Mexico. It bullies smaller businesses across America by invading the suburbs and establishing predatory prices to put the smaller, older business out of commission.
5. Practices 21st Century endentured servitude and treats its employees like disposable goods. It makes billions but pays its employees a slave wage. Many of them have sued the company to get any insurance benefits. The company refuses to let its employees unionize, although it wouldnt do any good anyway.
6. Their stores have like 30 checkout lanes but to save a dime, will only open half of them, creating ungodly long lines.
7. Their stores are dirty. Their shopping carts are usually broken and wander meanderously through the parking lot but you can’t find any in the store.
8. Hires the worst people: Their employees are unhelpfull, unprofessional, uneducated and lack professional skills. They don’t even speak English in the workplace and are probably here illegally. You almost have to be a minority to work there, thanks to affirmative action. Not surprisingly it hires illegal immigrants to clean its stores. It hires only people in wheelchairs to greet you as you enter and then questions you as you leave to make sure you’re not stealing.
What a company. Walmart is disgusting and I have to shower when I get home from their stores. They should be reported to the department of Labor. They might as well have a sign outside that says, "NOW HIRING. PLEASE INQUIRE INSIDE. WHITES AND AMERICANS NEED NOT APPLY."
by krock1dk August 12, 2007
A store widely criticized for its practice of crushing local businesses and for its questionable employment practices.

The only way to destroy a Walmart is to destroy its heart which is found somewhere near the television department
Mr. Garrison: Boys, you did it! You killed the Wall*Mart!
Gerald: How did you do it, Kyle?
Kyle: All Wall*Marts start a self-destruction sequence if you break a mirror in the back.

(Taken from South Park's Walmart spoof "Something Wall-Mart comes this way".)
by Harvey Brown February 05, 2010

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