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2 definitions by sammys

A store located in most malls in America. They sell cheap, inexpensive jewelry to twelve year old girls.They also pierce ears.
I work at Claire's and for all the people that complain about the jewelry breaking and being cheap...you paid 3 fuckin dollars for it!!!!!!!!!!!!How long do you expect it to last?!?

P.S. if you shop at Claire's and you drop something or knock something over please take the time to pick it up....its called common curtosy and common sense.
by sammys May 01, 2006
a giant chain store that is slowly taking over the economy. They sell everything from really ugly clothes, to discusting microwave dinners, to guns, to furniture. They also like to hire illegal immigrants and mentally challenged people to work at their stores.
hey Mary Sue round up the kids so we can all go to Walmart and buy some plastic lawn furniture and get some of those VHS tapes out of that big bin and get some new tires fer the truck!
by sammys May 01, 2006