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a term used to refer to zombies by those living in a zombie infested world.
While Johnny looted the adult bookstore, Two walkers bit his ankle.
by CooCooCoo January 26, 2006
the most amazing guy in the world, with eyes so dark and kind, skin so soft and brown, soft curly hair thats so fun to play with, already has a girlfriend, and is so smart and perfect
Did you see that walker over there?
by AliBug0723 October 21, 2011
The unique name for a zombie from The Walking Dead universe of comics, video games and tv series'.
Glenn-"There's Walkers in the barn"
Rick-Suprised Look
by The Maximalist June 09, 2012
(Verb) The act of rebooting or restarting any electronic device or program in order to resolve a problem.

The user called in because she could not print, I walkered her computer and everything is ok now.

It is good practice to Walker your computer at least 3 times daily. You should also walker devices such as TVs, Radios, and Cell Phones to achieve optimum performance.
by HelpDesk October 08, 2007
A term used by drug dealers in South Dallas that describes a crack head or clucker.
Ray Ray: Say nigga, where that nigga Mike's Trap at ?

J Rock: Over there where all them Walkers cummin from !
by Dat_OakCliff_Boi July 21, 2006
to steal something or borrow without permission
I don't know where my xbox antenna went, I think Nick walkered it.
by ahab1685 February 01, 2009
A man, asexual or homosexual, who can safely escort a woman, married or otherwise, to a social event, without hint of suspicion or relationship beyond friendship. A safe male companion.
Before becoming so waspish, Truman Capote was a reliable walker for Park Avenue society matrons.
by Ron Erickson September 30, 2006