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11 definitions by TERminalambiaNCe

A secluded cabin deep in the woods where rape is inevitable.
Raja: I'm heading up to Mason's Kabina next Saturday.

Arthur: I dont know about you but I'm not ready for an ass pounding.
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
210 4
Excess layer of droopy fat found hanging below a redneck's package.
Cooter: I can see your Redneck Testicle Mudflap in those new skinny jeans.

Earl: Curse you Cooter!
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
206 2
Oversized nipples predominately found on obese black women.
Tyler: I heard you took Clarice home last night. How was it?

Reakwon: Don't even get me started on her mountain moles...
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
211 10
European version of a cloth covered in male protein stains.
Stacy: I've heard you've got new carpets...

Heather: It's only been a week since we had them put in, and Brian's already turned them into a Jizzraggle.
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
204 4
Waste mans.
Kyle: Look at this Shietet.

Jerome: Yeah all these rude boi's are waste mans yo.
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
199 0
A guy who boasts about his sexual experiences to hide his own homosexuality.
Tim: Did you hear about Maurice's wild night in Mexico?

Enrico: Yeah right! That Faggotta? He's more likely to get me to toss his salad rather than him getting any action.
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
201 3
Requirements: Wearing expensive baggy designer jeans (preferably with the label showing, and price tag) over Nike basket ball shorts, and being shirtless to show off figure, and has to wear at least half a million dollars worth of bling.
Thyraine: Check out my new threads, I look just like Birdman!

Jamal: Nigga, you wish you had Birdman's High Nig Couture!
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
200 4