to steal something or borrow without permission
I don't know where my xbox antenna went, I think Nick walkered it.
by ahab1685 February 01, 2009
sexual tasting chrisps originated in leiceste UK
and now has become world famous

sponsers leceister city football club
yummy salt and vinegar walkers,
at an awards evening
"the award to best chrisps go to....WALKERS"
and the crowed goes wild
by duuuuuuuuuude November 14, 2007
A large tank-like vehicle, only with legs rather than tracks, ergo the name "Walker"
Walkers are not humanoid in design and should not be confused with mechs
A walker can have any number of legs from 2 upwards
"Imperial Walkers!" -referring to the AT-ATs of Star Wars fame
by random Star Wars-liking person January 11, 2006
A Walker is a guy with a huge weiner who likes to show it off to everyone. Either is a hillbilly or redneck.
Have you seen that guys weiner? Must of been a Walker.
by Recdli October 13, 2011
to motorboat the ass cheeks of a hot girl. Originated in the city of Walker MN.
Hey Uncle Matt, that girl has the greatest ass I have ever seen, I bet Mike is gonna Walker that ass!
by brotherhood 2000 and 11 August 23, 2011
Most know the word walker, from famous heroes such as Luke Skywalker. However, walker is actually been translated into a synonym of the word Fickling which is generally a lanky fucker. These words come hand in hand and generally used to describe homoerotic lanky men with extremely short penises.
I see a Fickling yesterday, and a Walker today. What is with all the lanky people?
by DonkeySmash December 13, 2010
A facebook wall-stalker. Someone who comments on everything you post on your wall.
Katie: Ugh this guy is such a walker, he comments on all my stuff!
by joeiscoffee December 31, 2009
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