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A pretty girl who works on the checkout of your local supermarket, and who you think is too beautiful to work there. A play on the name of a well know chain of upscale supermarkets and the flower known for its beauty.
"That girls such a Waitrose i only shop here to see her"
by mrforde August 23, 2006
The "posh" supermarket of the UK. Everything they sell is either "mouthwatering" or "luxury".
Ducky, I'm popping down to Waitrose to pur-chase some luxury golden Christmas pudding with mouthwatering brandy syrup.
by errata June 13, 2007
a cool supermarket in the UK. not to be confused with sainsburys, asda, morrisons or tesco.
I like the deli at waitrose and the checkout girls are much better than tesco value
by henapen August 04, 2006