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The "posh" supermarket of the UK. Everything they sell is either "mouthwatering" or "luxury".
Ducky, I'm popping down to Waitrose to pur-chase some luxury golden Christmas pudding with mouthwatering brandy syrup.
by errata June 13, 2007
Marks and Spencer is a British upmarket supermarket chain, famous for its "Food Porn" adverts on TV, all of which have the opening line: "This isn't just...".

Also known as "M an' S", "Marks and Sparks", "Sparksy's" and "Mark's".
Marks and Spencer "M&S" Food Porn Advert: This isn't just sausages and mash, this is creamy, light-whipped, golden, fluffy mash King Edward potatoes with succulent, grilled, chipolata sausages from British farms with an oozing rich gravy sauce.
Viewer: wtf?
by errata June 13, 2007
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