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This word is derived from the word "waiter" or "waitress", and put together with the suffix "-tron".

Etymology of "-tron": Greek, suffix denoting an instrument; akin to Old English.

It is a dehumanizing term often used to refer to a waiter/waitress.
Dick goes into a restaurant and places a stack of one dollar bills on the table. Dick tells the waitron that this is his tip. If the waitron does bad, a dollar will be taken away. Good, a dollar put back. As his server slowly dissatisfies him, he removes the money from the tip pile. Waitron is saddened.
by TooCrooked December 03, 2004
A unisex term for a restaurant server. Replaces waitress or waiter. First used in Mustache Bill's Diner in N.J. in the early 1970s.
I really like the waitrons at my local diner. They are always greet me kindly and bring my coffee with the menu.
by Mustache Bill January 04, 2014
A waitress, or waitresses at a resturant or other food establishment.
Ask the Waitron for another soda.
by cronix April 29, 2004
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