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A small bump, generally on the top of the forearm caused by the muscle swelling from being hit. Can be given by a friend, or happen when you slam your arm into a door knob at full blast. Usually hurt, and only last for a few seconds.
I gave Jack a monkey bubble by punching him on the top of his forearm.
by cronix April 29, 2004
A small portion of food usually consumed when high on drugs, or too busy to have an actual meal.
I usually eat multiple monkey snacks when I smoke drugs. Cheese sandwiches are the official snack of choice.
by cronix April 29, 2004
An expression when surprised
"What the einfurschnowzen was that?!"
by CroniX January 13, 2004
Volkswagen. (VW, V-dub, Vee-Dub)
My dub is pretty fast.
by cronix April 29, 2004
Someone who slacks off at work.
Stop being a slackass, get back to work.
by cronix April 29, 2004
A waitress, or waitresses at a resturant or other food establishment.
Ask the Waitron for another soda.
by cronix April 29, 2004

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