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A person whos fresh from Mexico (or any latin country) and thinks he knows how to speak in street slang, and also thinks he knows whats in style but usually wears outdated gear. You can typically find them in Southern California.
You see a hispanic guy in downtown L.A. and he's wearing fake Nike AirForce Ones and a fake Fubu T-shirt and could barely speak english. Thats a wabb.
by SoCal's illes April 29, 2009
wabb something that hangs out of your trunks
yo biatch, suck me wabb
by Jonny C March 05, 2004
wabb is the universal word for penis. slang.
1.that boy has a massive wabb. i would like to give his wabb a good rodgering.
2.U wabb sucking cock master.
by roberto November 07, 2003
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