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WTTF - Want To Trade For
Ash: I want your charmander, wttf it for my bulbasaur?
Kid: No..
by Supreme Swag April 25, 2010
What The Titty Fuck- while not wanting to sound lame by saying WTF or wanting to be too bold and say WTAF (What The Ass Fuck)
Guy 1: I just pooped in a cup and left in in your room.

Guy2: WTTF man!
by A Guy,Who R Gonna T33ch U stuf March 07, 2011
Welcome to the family
(W)elcome (t)o (t)he (f)amily
wttf x
by Hiv(e)M(i)nd August 21, 2008
Welcome to the forums. Used when you want to greet a newbie and confuse them at the same time. (It looks like WTF.)
New Guy: Hey guys, I am new here, so here is my introduction!

Old Chap: WTTF
by Deathspawn October 12, 2010

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